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HDPE is used in various packaging applications including the manufacture of industrial containers, crates, milk jugs, detergent bottles, fruit juice caps for food packaging, jerry cans, drums, etc. HDPE provides reasonable impact strength to the end product.


Household /
Consumer goods

HDPE is a material of choice in several consumer/ household goods like kitchenware and houseware, toys, iceboxes, garbage containers, etc. Its easy processability and low price make it one of the most popular thermoplastic materials available.


Agriculture and Sanitation

With high resistance to corrosion, exceptional weather tolerance, lightweight and flexible qualities, OPaLene HDPE is perfect for use in high-pressure pipelines, drainage pipes, agriculture, sanitation & irrigation to many other key piping usages as a means of transporting and distributing potable water at a longer distance.


Printing / Painting

Benzene is used in products in the printing industry for cleaning and maintaining the printing equipment. Moreover, ink that is used frequently in the printing industry also consists of benzene. Top coat paints, lacquers, spray paints, sealers and a variety of other painting products contain solvent containing benzene that keeps the liquid in form until they are ready to use.


Manufacturing of
Plastics / Chemicals

Benzene is used in the manufacturing of chemical and plastic products such as resins, adhesives and synthetic products such as nylon and styrene. It is also used in manufacturing detergents, insecticides, dyes, pesticides, etc.

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