Creating a Sustainable Change

At OPaL we are rooted in our core values. We aspire to not only make a difference to the economy but also to the ecology. As one of India’s leading petrochemical companies, we are always looking for ways to preserve the interest of the environment and our employees.

OPaL is reducing its carbon footprint by creating “Oxyzone OPaL”, a greenbelt of 51 hectares having 80,000 trees. Our energy conservation initiatives include upskilling employees in key energy management systems and reducing our carbon footprint by incorporating a fleet of smart bicycles to commute inside the plant. All our initiatives echo the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s message to reduce 1 billion CO2 emissions by 2030 and we supplement our unflinching commitment with the right action.

OPaL Oxyzone – Expanding our Green Commitment

At OPaL we are mainstreaming a sustainable work culture. We are meeting our ecological goals as a responsible organization the through induction of efficient Energy Management Systems as well as undertaking regular tree plantation drives.

We have focused on prioritizing the sustainable management of ecosystems and embarked upon a mega plantation drive of 31,000 trees in our petrochemical complex in Dahej. OPaL’s green belt, called the ‘Oxyzone’, is spread across 51 hectare land out of which 40 hectares are covered with fully grown trees with a lively ecosystem. The mega plantation drive aims to cover another 11.3 hectare area to expand to boost biodiversity with flora and fruit-laden trees that will emit more oxygen to produce clean and healthy air.

Consistent focus on Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and preservation is one of our key sustainability goals. Driven by the focused intent of the top management, our activities are based on adopting sound and sustainable actions and technologies towards continual improvement in the environment and energy.

Every year we celebrate ‘National Energy Conservation Week’ with the primary objective of creating awareness about energy conservation. For this, various creative banners and posters with evocative messages are displayed across various plant locations. Also, energy conservation tips for domestic and industrial applications are sent out every morning and afternoon via SMS to all OPaL employees and support staff, to spread the message far and wide.

Setting Higher standards in Energy Management

At OPaL, we stand committed to adopting the highest standards of energy conservation across all our activities. OPaL has received a multi-site EnMS certificate for ISO 50001: 2018 from M/s Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK (BVQI) for our manufacturing & marketing processes. It is yet another achievement as a result of hard work and constant efforts by all OPaLians.

Establishing a robust energy management system across a massive Petrochemical complex like OPaL is a challenge in itself. But accomplishing this during the unprecedented period of a pandemic, shows the unflinching determination and dedication of all OPaLians.

Creating a lighter Environmental Footprint

Environment protection and preservation are core pillars at OPaL. In keeping with our commitment to implement eco-friendly business practices, a fleet of 100 smart bicycles was inducted for the internal transport of employees in November 2020. The initiative is in line with OPaL's Energy Management Policy and is a progressive step towards reducing the carbon footprint considerably within our complex.

An Employer dedicated to Employee Growth

At OpaL, we measure our growth in terms of the growth of our employees. We regularly conduct training sessions to upgrade critical skill sets that are required across our plants. Towards this various training programs were organized to develop a strong and qualified in-house team of experts and auditors for the prestigious Energy Management System (EnMS) i.e. ISO 50001:2018 certification, which we received in January 2020.

This ‘ISO 50001:2018 Lead Auditor Training Program’, was conducted by M/s Bureau Veritas and was accredited by the international body Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). Upon completion of the training program, OPaL got 14 certified lead auditors for EnMS, from among our own team at the site.