Redefining the Future

OPaL was born with the vision to redefine the future of petrochemicals. It embodies the vision of an “Atamanirbhar Bharat”. OPaL has created a niche for itself in a highly competitive market very fast by prompt product establishment, stable and sustained plant operations by offering quality products and services to customers.

The mega petrochemical complex is spread over 5 sq. km with a capacity to produce 14 lakh tons of Polymers & 5 Lakh tons of chemicals - 1100 KTPA Ethylene, 400 KTPA Propylene and the associated units consist of Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit, Butadiene Extraction Unit and Benzene Extraction Unit. The Polymer plants have 2X360 KTPA of LLDPE/HDPE Swing unit, 1X340 KTPA of Dedicated HDPE and 1x340 KTPA of PP.

The OPaL Cracker unit, the heart of the mega petrochemical Complex is distinct due to the dual-feed configuration. A marvel of design, it incorporates world-class technologies from Linde, INEOS, Mitsui and Lurgi, GmBH. Driving the heart of this mega complex is a commitment to a consistent supply of the feedstock C2C3 and Naphtha. This provides the confidence to design and deliver different combinations of Gas and Naphtha per requirement and market vagaries, creating the possibility of innovative value creation.

A key advantage for OPaL is Feedstock flexibility. Raw materials are always at hand as the delivery processes of feedstocks Naphtha, Gas or LPG are streamlined. The C2C3 extraction unit is close by while a dedicated pipeline of 97 km from ONGC-Hazira to OPaL ensures a continuous stable supply of Naphtha as required. In addition, a nearby Dahej Port and a dedicated pipeline for LPG strengthen confidence in sustaining continuous operations and our ability and agility to deliver.

The mega petrochemical complex is tactically located in the port-city of Dahej, Gujarat giving it a competitive edge of connectivity to domestic as well as overseas markets. Equipped with adequate indigenous feedstock supplies, world-class technologies, talented human resources and above all easy access to the growing domestic & international market, OPaL is powering ahead in building a future-ready organization.

OPaL is rapidly expanding its horizon with eyes on the limitless possibilities of the future. The fast-growing petrochemical sector is presenting plenty of opportunities for OPaL to spread its footprints. While focusing on the distinct growth areas where value addition on various streams can be furthered, OPaL is marching ahead to achieve its objectives in a defined timeline.

Seamless Connectivity
Powered by World-Class Technology
Secured Feedstock Supply
Excellence at the Core

Seamless Connectivity

OPaL is strategically located along the longest coastline at Dahej, in the state of Gujarat, besides being well positioned along the Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor, India’s most ambitious infrastructure project.

These tactical location advantages give OPaL a ‘competitive edge of connectivity’. It has quick access to ports, railway and road connectivity, thus enabling a faster and wider footprint across the domestic and international markets.

Powered by
World-Class Technology

OPaL is one of the largest integrated Petrochemical Complexes in South Asia, spread across a vast expanse of 5 sq. km.

At the heart of OPaL’s mega Petrochemical Complex is the country’s first and one of the largest Dual Feed Cracker Units (DFCU) powered with technology from Linde AG, Germany. This unit has the capacity to produce 1100 KTPA Ethylene and 400 KTPA Propylene. The Polymer plants at OPaL also house 2x360 KTPA LLDPE/HDPE Swing Unit, 1x340 KTPA Dedicated HDPE and 1x340 KTPA PP.

Its Associated Units consist of a Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit, Butadiene Extraction Unit and a Benzene Extraction Unit.

OPaL is home to some of the world’s best, state-of-the-art technologies like Linde AG, Germany, Lurgi GmBH, INEOS Technologies Licensing, UK and Mitsui Company Ltd., Japan.

Secured Feedstock Supply

The OPaL complex has the competitive advantage of having a “next door” supply of gaseous feedstock of C2, C3 and C4 from ONGC’s dedicated C2+ extraction plant at Dahej SEZ. While a continuous supply of liquid feed Naphtha is delivered through a dedicated 97 km long pipeline from ONGC, Hazira to OPaL, Dahej in a hassle-free, cost-efficient and environment-friendly manner. This steady supply ensures that operations run at their optimum capacities without any interruptions.

The Hazira-Dahej Naphtha Pipeline is a testament to the tremendous persistence of the OPaL Team, who meticulously laid the pipeline through 49 Villages, 6 Talukas, 2 Districts, 53 Canals, 37 Drains, Khadi, 2 Railway crossings, the Narmada & Kim River and 45 roads.

Excellence at the Core

At OPaL, excellence is the cornerstone of a better future. Towards this our world-class Product Application & Research Centre (PARC) is driven by an experienced team which is constantly creating new solutions in the polymer domain. At the same time, PARC is also playing a key role as an interface between polymer plants, marketing & customers.

In addition to this, OPaL’s Central Lab, built over an area of 6200 sq. m., caters to the testing requirements of various process units, utilities and auxiliary units for Quality Control & Quality Assurance. Equipped with the most modern instruments, the lab ensures the testing of raw materials to finished products, meeting the most stringent customer specifications with accurate, precise, reliable and timely results.

Driven by innovation, OPaL embodies the rising spirit of the nation. By building a world-class petrochemical enterprise, it is unlocking the life-altering potential of polymers, and creating value for our customers.


To be a world-class petrochemical company, with a dominant Indian presence and a preferred choice of customers in terms of quality and value.

  • To become the preferred choice of customers through best-in-class products.
  • To foster stakeholders’ satisfaction through value enhancement and sustainable business performance.
  • To achieve competitive advantage through operational excellence, innovations and good governance.
  • To achieve excellence in occupational health, safety & commitment towards theenvironment by adopting internationally certified systems and best practices.

Our Values



We promote a culture where everyone communicates candidly and creates an environment that builds trust and transparency in the organization



We believe in our people, share common goals with all our employees, customers and society at large to achieve success and create a win-win relationship



We promote a culture of accomplishment. We focus not only on the 'what' but also the 'how' to achieve standards of excellence



We believe in promoting leadership in everything that we do, from being a business leader in petrochemicals to nurturing future leaders of business who will work as visionary thinkers and inspire others for exceptional performance

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