Energy Management Policy

We at ONGC Petro additions Limited (OPaL) are committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality Petrochemical Products to National & International Markets and to demonstrating continual improvement in our business performance by institutionalizing a robust Energy Management System with a consistent focus on meeting the aspirations of our valued customers and stakeholders by ensuring optimal use of natural and other resources.

To achieve this, we shall:

  • Reduce overall specific energy consumption with each passing year considering changes in levels of activities and other relevant factors.
  • Integrate energy management with business objectives to improve energy performance.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation to energy-specific requirements.
  • Procure energy-efficient products and services that impact the overall energy performance of an organization.
  • Organize training programs for all relevant personnel in pursuit of creating awareness about energy conservation.
  • Ensure monitoring and improvement of consolidated energy consumption of the complex.
  • Upgrade equipment(s), hardware and technology as and when required to optimize energy consumption and utilize resources efficiently.
  • Promote the usage of renewable energy to mitigate climate change impacts.
  • Adopt life cycle thinking considering energy performance at the design stage for any new system and during modification of facilities, equipment and system.

We shall communicate this policy to all stakeholders and conduct a review and its adequacy, effectiveness and suitability at all levels of the organization.