OPaL inaugurates Central Workshop Building
  • 01 - May - 2023

OPaL inaugurates Central Workshop Building

The Central Engineering Department of OPaL has achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of the Central Workshop Building. This state-of-the-art facility was officially inaugurated by Shri Gurinder Singh, Managing Director on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima on 5th of May, 2023. The inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries including Shri Arup Jhampri, COO-OPaL, Shri Vikas Agrawal, Head of Maintenance, and other HODs. The presence of all Plant Operation In-charges and Maintenance Leads made the event even more meaningful, symbolizing the collective commitment to the successful implementation of this initiative.

The Central Workshop comprises three integral sections: the Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation workshops. The Mechanical Workshop is well-equipped with a Machine Shop, Valve/PSV Overhauling & Testing Facility, and Mechanical Seal Lapping & Testing Facility. The Instrumentation workshop houses a state-of-the-art Control Valve overhauling & testing setup with a PLC-based test bench and an advanced Instrumentation lab. The Electrical workshop offers comprehensive motor overhauling and testing services, along with a 90 KW electric oven facility.

During the fiscal year 2022-2023, the Mechanical Central Workshop efficiently handled a total of 6,742 jobs, even while utilizing the available temporary workshop facility. In addition to its core operational duties, the workshop played a crucial role in cost reduction through the internal development of spare parts. Impressively, this effort resulted in significant cost savings of Rs. 91.2 Lacs during FY22-23. The workshop accomplished this remarkable achievement by implementing new spare parts valued at Rs. 96.8 Lacs, while keeping the manufacturing cost, including manpower, material, and power expenses, to a mere 5.6 Lacs.

The successful establishment and operation of the new Central Workshop Building serve as a testament to OPaL's unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency in its technical operations. It is a remarkable milestone that reflects the dedication and collective expertise of the entire team in contributing to the company's continued success and grow.