Discover your potential in one of Asia’s largest petrochemical plants

OPaL’s success as an industry leader is driven by an experienced management committee.

Over the years, OPaL has been endeavouring to build a culture of innovation and leadership. We equip individuals with the skills, insights, and knowledge for their career growth.

At OPaL, employees make the most of this coveted leadership and propel their careers forward with pioneering insights into the petrochemical landscape.

Learn from Leaders

High-quality leadership is the result of experience and continual learning. Leadership also involves motivating and guiding the younger generation to take on the challenges of the future. OPaL encourages employees to benefit from the learning and experience of its leadership.

Training & Development

At OPaL, employees have the opportunity to develop their competencies, cultivate analytical thinking and excel. Through a number of training and development programs, OPaL encourages employees to take on more responsibilities and grow within the company.

Rewards & Recognition

OPaL strongly believes in giving recognition where it is due. Acknowledging the achievements and contributions of employees and fostering a culture of appreciation is a powerful way to instil confidence and accountability.