OPaL Receives First Naphtha Shipment from Uran
  • 01 - Jan - 2020

The continuous supply of Naphtha is essential to run OPaL's plant in full capacity. The first shipment carrying Low Aromatic Naphtha (32,000 MT) departed from ONGC Uran on 29th January and reached Dahej on 30th January. Team OPaL, overcoming various technical and logistic challenges, successfully completed the project. 

OPaL delegation in Uran with team ONGC
Shri Arup Jhampri, Head-Cracker, performing puja

This initiative will strengthen feed security with the economical operation of OPaL. For feed security, recently OPaL had commissioned the ambitious 97 km of Hazira-Dahej Naphtha Pipeline for transporting Naphtha from Hazira, ONGC to Dahej. The pipeline project is expected to give a major boost to production by making it highly cost-efficient. In addition to that, the regular shipment from ONGC, Uran plant will chip in to cover the shortfall of Naphtha which will further strengthen 100% uninterrupted production at OPaL. OPaL congratulates all the team members involved for the successful completion of the project.