OPaL Celebrates International Women's Day
  • 08 - Mar - 2022

Power to Empower Women

The International Women's Day was celebrated with much fanfare at OPaL on Tuesday, 8th March 2022. Women's day is celebrated across the world to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women in the social, economic, cultural, political and environmental sphere. 'Gender Equality today for a Sustainable tomorrow” is the theme for this year with the campaign theme of "#BreakTheBias".

Women of OPaL with the President and other HODs
Women of OPaL with the President and other HODs
Women of OPaL with the President and other HODs

Shri Manoj Srivastava, President, Shri Arup Jhampri, Vice-President, Smt. Vimla Nigania, Head HR, Shri Rajeev Vijay, Head-U&O, Shri Vikas Agarwal, Head-Maintenance and Shri Jati Panigrahi, GM-Finance, welcomed all the women employees with their encouraging and empowering speech. The event kicked off with a variety of group activities. Later a session was conducted by Ms. Shivani Madan Bose. The session focused on issues like realizing potential within, work life balance, creating a support system at work and home, problem solving and confidence building. The second half of the day was reserved for creative session of clay jewellery making by Ms Shimolee Sheth. Both the session kept all of the ladies enthralled with the interactive tasks throughout the day.

The celebration concluded with an open forum discussion about various aspects of personal and professional life. Shri Manoj Srivastava, President shared his valuable views on empowering women by giving examples of numerous women who are holding top positions.

Smt. Vimla Nigania, Head-HR said that according to various surveys gender equality in terms of financial independence, political and economic development is still a long way to go but it is surely changing rapidly with times. The equality starts at home by breaking the bias based on gender specific roles. She also mentioned that women have to be there for each other to create a strong support system in personal as well professional lives.