34th National Road Safety Awareness Week Celebrated at OPaL
  • 11 - Jan - 2023

34th National Road Safety Awareness Week - 2023, was observed from 11th to 17th January 2023.It was comprised of many initiatives to sensitize all our stakeholders to the improvement of Road Safety, not only in our Workplace but also as Good citizens in our society.

OPaL being the leading Petrochemical Complex comes under vital installation and a prohibited place. Therefore, road safety is considered an utmost priority. To ensure Road Safety, the involvement of all the stakeholders is very important.

This Program was consisting of various activities as a part of road safety awareness such as an audio advisory to all stakeholders at prominent locations viz. Gates, PWH, DRR, main avenues, Traffic rules awareness session for all stakeholders at OPaL, TBT sessions on Road Safety for Car Pool, Shift Buses, and Receipt/Dispatch drivers, Subject matter expert sessions, Traffic Safety equipment display, Sharing of the Road Safety Advisories/ LFIs, Surprise inspection of the vehicle for roadworthiness, Seat Belt/ Crash Helmet Awareness & Compliance, Shaping the future- Awareness session in a nearby community for School Children and Special Road Safety Awareness session for HDNPL and other pipelines Security Teams.