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Vigilance Awareness Week 2017
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Benzene, an organic chemical is a colorless and flammable liquid with a sweet smell. The main sources of benzene are -- the steam cracking or catalytic reforming of liquid petroleum feedstock, and primarily naphtha, where benzene is recovered from the aromatics stream. Other processes are hydrodealkalytion (HDA) of toluene and toluene disproportionation (TDP).

Benzene is mostly used as an additive to other chemicals. It is used to make styrene, which in turn is used to make plastics and polymers. Styrene is used in the manufacture of polystyrene and other styrenic products such as SBR latex and ABS. Cumene, for phenol production, and cyclohexane applications are the other significant end-uses of benzene, representing a third of the global benzene market demand. Also, Nitrobenzene applications are the fourth largest end-use of benzene and the fastest growing sector.

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