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Vigilance Awareness Week 2017
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Carbon Black Feedstock is a mixture of C12 and higher components rich in naphthalene, methyl-indene, anthracene, fluorine and other poly-aromatic components. It originates from the high temperature cracking of petroleum fractions.

CBFS is used to produce Carbon Black, which is used in tyres and road paving, tyre reinforcements, black pigments (e.g. for road markings), and conductors. The stream also contains piperylene, which is used to produce copolymerization elastomers, petroleum resins, curing agents, pesticides, and perfumes.

Carbon Black Feedstock may be used as a source for:

  • Naphthalene - used for phthalic anhydride, insecticides, and concrete plasticizers.
  • Biphenyl - used for food preservatives, heat transfer fluids, and organic syntheses.
  • Fluorine or anthracene - used for light emitting diodes, dyes, and wood preservatives.

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