The Future is Bright,
The Future is Here.

OPaL is one team, with teamwork ingrained in our DNA. This synergy and coherence is at our core and will empower us to shape the world tomorrow.

At OPaL, we thrive through collaboration. As thinkers, dreamers and doers, we have an inspiring work culture that gives talent the best platform to perform. At the same time our cohesive environment ensures that everyone grows and evolves – while motivating each other to be better.

We are led by our core principles, which are rooted in respect - respect for our people, for different cultures, opinions and for the future.

Core Principles

Live Right

Treat people right and do the right thing, no compromise

Think Big

Look at the bigger picture, find opportunities and innovate

Aim for Excellence

Pursue the best and focus on ways to get there

Inspire Creativity

Create a stimulating work environment that brings people and ideas together

Stand for Equality

Equal opportunities for one and all

Make a Difference

Make a positive impact on the world around you

Why OPaL
A Culture of
Sustainable Growth

OPaL strives to build a culture of holistic development thereby empowering individuals to achieve their potential and grow as robust professionals.

Our model of sustainable development emerges from a deep-seated belief in collaboration, teamwork and professionalism. OPaL is a place where every individual plays a crucial part in furthering organizational priorities and works with the sharpest minds in the Petrochemical industry.

A Progressive Growth Model

OPaL is committed to delivering excellent developmental opportunities to employees well-aligned with their personal aspirations.
Learn from Leaders

At OPaL, we believe, leadership can be fostered through insights and experiences of proven leaders amongst us. The one thing all great leaders have in common is their ability to delegate responsibilities to create valuable resources for the future.

Capability Development

Turning a challenge into an opportunity is the quality of a leader. At OPaL you will come across challenges which will test your skills and temperament. You will get to demonstrate your untapped skills and abilities. It's a process of nurturing individuals to take bigger responsibilities in the future. At the same time, employees are provided with the right training interventions to become future ready.

Reward and Recognition

Rewards and recognitions are powerful ways to enhance performance, increase employee engagement, and create a culture conducive for employees personal and professional development. At OPaL, your talent and skills will be rewarded through our effective recognition strategies.

Time to Redefine Your Life

Working with OPaL is more than just a job title. It’s about doing extraordinary things, bringing in a change and living out your values. The opportunity to work with one of the largest petrochemical giants in Asia awaits you.

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