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Vigilance Awareness Week 2017
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At OPaL, you can steer your own career towards the desirable destination. We provide a rare opportunity to individuals to be a part of a Green-field project in the Petrochemical sector. This sector will soon be the largest petrochemical plant in India offering competitive compensation in line with the market trends. 

OPaLs Employer Brand promises to its internal stakeholders the values of learning and challenge, leading to growth. These values are translated through the key messages that our performance management system delivers to its stakeholders.  

Performance for OPaL is: 

  Exceeding expectations every time and going the extra mile
  Taking ownership for individual as well as team output
  Demonstrating keenness and ability to take on higher responsibilities 

The principles that guide our system are to ensure that it is a shared process that engages the employee in monitoring his or her own performance as well as in learning and development. 

HR at OPaL ensure its employees career growth and development through: 

Talent Acquisition: Our performance management process generates valuable inputs for understanding the critical success factors for performance in a particular job which informs decisions on hiring characteristics.

Talent Management: Performance feedback is the core process that informs career progression and succession management process and decisions for individual plans.

Capability Development: Development opportunities and strengths as captured through the performance management process are one of the inputs in understanding, learning, and development opportunities for individuals.

Work Environment: Employees are shall be provided with rewards that relate to a positive work environment such as quality of life, work life etc; all of which together constitute emotional rewards and drive intrinsic motivation. The performance management process is the key driver of some of the very key messages to employees that are core to the environment and climate that the organization is looking to build. These include growth, challenge, learning, and fairness.

Reward and Recognition: Our Reward and Recognition scheme is fair, transparent, and encouraging. The performance management output is the start point of the Rewards and Recognition process. They are directly linked to performance outcomes.

If OPaLs vision and career path is something that you dream to achieve with your aptitude, knowledge, skills, hard work and zeal, then this is the right place for you to be! 

We seek to work with a diverse group of people who are leaders in their own right. They should be analytical and be driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. High performance individuals with analytical skills, customer focus, organization awareness, and innovation will be able to find their true worth  at OPaL.