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Vigilance Awareness Week 2017
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Butadiene is used in the production of various types of polymer resins, synthetic rubbers, and chemical intermediates. Butadiene is found as a byproduct in the steam cracking of naphtha and gas oil to make ethylene and propylene. It is extracted from the C4 cracker stream using extractive distillation.

Butadiene is a colorless, non corrosive liquefied gas with a mild aromatic or gasoline-like odor. Its low flash point makes butadiene both flammable and explosive.

Butadiene is mainly used in polymers and elastomers such as ABS, SBR and SB latex, and polybutadiene rubber. Together these applications represent three quarters of the total butadiene demand in the world. About three quarters of all Styrene Butadiene latex is used in paper coating, such as on glossy magazines and brochures. It is also used in carpet backing, and construction such as bitumen additive and adhesive for roofing.

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